She is Where? In Paris?

She is Where? In Paris?

Bonjour and Hello to Everyone!

I am amazed at the adventures of my life and
happy to announce my latest move to Paris, France.
What a wonderful, exciting and inspiring place is Paris.


While the future challenges me, I am attending a very charming French course at a small school
right in the middle of Paris, training my new mother language intensely.

L’Amour –  Notre Dame – La Seine – Le Marais – Sacre Coeur.
Is there anything more you need in life?

Yes. There is. MUSIC.

A sweet sound and joyful Ave Maria goes out to all of you: to my precious friends
and colleagues in Germany and abroad. As much as to new friends to find here in France.

À très bientôt donc et avec mes meilleurs sentiments.

Always and forever yours: Madame Bhawani!

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